Win32 - - TBD? working patch

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Dec 31 07:06:17 EST 2006

Hi Harold,

Am Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2006 12:27 schrieb harold felton:
> the following message was composed a couple
> of days ago - but the information is still pertinent.
> -----
> [[[friday eve]]]
> the error is consistent now - although it initially said
> line-29 instead of line-76.  the error is a windows
> box that pops up and says: **ERROR**:file corba_object.c
> line 76 (ORBit_register_objref): assertion failed: (obj->
> object-key != NULL.)  aborting...

I haven't seen this error before. As it comes from ORBit, I can only guess 
there is some ORBit version problem. Maybe ORBit-2.13.3 and 2.14.2 are 
somehow mixed up together? As long as you didn't copy any ORBit DLLs to 
somewhere else manually, this should all be resolved by completely deleting 
the gnome/ directory (and maybe libgsf as well) and having 
creating this from scratch.

> i am fairly sure the patch was/is fine, because my issues
> are unrelated to it.  ie - i seem to need to do a complete
> reinstall to get a fresh-system working again.  oh well...
> wishing yall a happy ending-of-2006/beginning-of-2007.

Happy new year from here as well,


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