F::Q broken after update

Sigve Indregard sigve.indregard at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 17:39:20 EDT 2006


After updating to SVN HEAD yesterday, GnuCash' integration with F::Q is
broken on my system. First, fq-check now requires SSLeay. This is a bit
strict in my opinion, because only some uses of F::Q actually requires
this module. F::Q works just fine without, as long as you don't pull
quotes from a https server.

But installing it did not fix the issue. I now get a system error when
trying to pull quotes from my home-grown F::Q module, which is pulling
mutual fund quotes from bors24.no. The problem is that F::Q still works
perfectly, and fq-check reports no error.

There is no output to /tmp/gnucash.trace.

Debug output says this (after enabling a simple GOOG request to Yahoo,
which also fails):

gnucash: [D] (handling-request ("yahoo" "GOOG"))
gnucash: [D] (results #<eof>)
gnucash: [D] (handling-request ("borsno" "79638" "50444" "193313"
"52898" "50487"))
gnucash: [D] (handling-request ("currency" "USD" "NOK"))

I am using F::Q 1.11, with my added modules, but that should really not
affect the yahoo code. I believe the above debug messages means that
also the yahoo call fails.

I can't find any recent changes to the central parts of the quotes
system, so I am a little bit bewildered. Any ideas?
Sigve Indregard

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