Updates to 1.9.x Help file - gettingstarted

Chris Lyttle chris at wilddev.net
Sun Jul 9 16:15:59 EDT 2006

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Dave. I believe a qif file 
without an account name would be one downloaded from a bank most likely. 
I think where you have the Note is just fine in the text.
To answer your question about TOC's, I believe that Yelp doesn't display 
lower level's than a sect2. I'll use your updated file for the release 


David V Herman wrote:
> I have been working on updating the Help files for the 1.9/2.0
> documentation.
> I'm attaching a revised version of the "gettingstarted.xml" file for the
> GnuCash Help files.
> I do have a couple of questions/issues with it as you will notice when
> viewed with yelp.  
> The first issue is highlighted as NOTES in the middle of QIF import
> section.  I know there is a screen requesting Account name if the QIF
> import file does not contain an account, however I can't seem to reach
> it.  How do you export a file from Q without an account?
> The real question is where in the text does the "note" belong!
> I would like to generate a TOC for lower level sections but have not had
> any luck.  Any suggestions?
> I am attaching the "getting started" XML file.  Please view with yelp
> and send comments.
> I will send a diff with the svn if requested, the XML validates with
> yelp & xmllint.
> Dave
> PS I have also started on "usage" that will be later - though I have a
> draft of the first several menus.

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