report/view-column make-internal-option "report-list"

Larry Evans cppljevans at
Mon Jul 17 12:24:41 EDT 2006

On 07/17/2006 09:28 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

 > Hi,
 > A couple of things.  First, you haven't said what you're
 > really trying to do.

If you kept the I emailed you privately on 7/13,
you can browse the aaror.html contained therein and see a table

date              flow
                -input     description

12/30/1999     -1.00     :Begin Balance
01/01/2001     -1.00     transaction
01/01/2003     12.00     :End Balance

In that table, :Begin Balance and :End Balance  flows
were calculated by copying code from balance-sheet.scm;
however, the user would probably want some details on
how :Begin/:End Balances were calculated.  The "Account
Summary" report looked promising; so, I needed some way
to put 2 "Account Summary" reports on the same page
as the "Average Annualized ROR" (AAROR) report; hence, the
"Multicolumn View" looked like a good starting point.
Then I would simply feed the "list of acccounts"
from the AAROR options into the two "Account Summary"
subreports, and the Begin and End Dates for the AAROR
report to the Begin "Account Summary" and the End
"Account Summary" reports, respectively, and I'd have
what I want.

 > I don't see why you need to copy the

 > report to "figure how it works."

I copied it merely to
put a bunch of (gnc:debug ...) and (pretty-print ...)
in order to figure out the type of various structures.
For example, I had to figure out what belonged in the
last argument to gnc:make-internal-option:


Well, I discovered that the following works:

             (gnc:make-report "Average Annualized Rate of Return")
             (gnc:make-report "Account Summary")
           ;;same for 2nd Account Summary

 > Second, did you change the name of your new report?

Yes, with code:

  'version 1
  'name (N_ "Multicolumn Scratch View")
  'menu-name (N_ "Custom Multicolumn Scratch Report")
  'menu-path (list gnc:menuname-custom)

 > Third, are you properly loading your new report?

Well, with the above change to make-internal-option arguments,
I'm seeing the 3 reports I need (although I haven't yet
got the Beg/End dates to the 2 summaries set from the
AAROR report).

 > Fourth, it's possible that there is C code that
 > specifically works with the Multicolumn report, so you may
 > need to look there, too.

OK, I'll look there if I get stuck again.

Thanks for the help, Derek.


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