gnc:make-account-list-limited example?

Larry Evans cppljevans at
Mon Jul 31 08:30:08 EDT 2006

On 07/30/2006 03:00 PM, Larry Evans wrote:
> Anyone have an example of the use of this function.  I can't find any in
> the 2.0.0:
> It only occurs with the '(if #f'.  When code is '(if #t' it works.
> The output from the pretty prints is as expected, indicating the
> default-account-types at least are valid.

Never mind.  I passed the wrong type.  Initially I though just passing
the types I wanted to limit the selection to; os, I passed the default
types.  However this resulted in an empty selection list.  So I figured
I must be passing the wrong type; so, reading the comments and a
careless counting of arguments lead me to thinking a vector of functions
was needed.

Sorry for noise :(

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