gnc:make-account-list-limited example?

Larry Evans cppljevans at
Mon Jul 31 11:14:51 EDT 2006

On 07/31/2006 07:30 AM, Larry Evans wrote:
> Never mind.  I passed the wrong type.  Initially I though just passing
> the types I wanted to limit the selection to; so, I passed the default
> types.  However this resulted in an empty selection list.  So I figured
Where's the code which paints the selection list to the screen?  I've
grepped in *.scm for 'gnc:option-index-get' but that result was useless.
It seems whenever there's an intersection between the default account
types and the "limit" account types, the account selection window is
empty. IOW, with the following call:

           pagename name-accounts
           (string-append sort-tag "c")
           (N_ "Report on these accounts, if display depth allows.")
           #f ; value-validator
           #t ; multiple-selection


  (define (default-accounts)
       (gnc:group-get-subaccounts (gnc:get-current-group))

and there's an intersection between default-types and limit-types,
the account selection window is empty.

Any clues as to why this happens or how I can fix it?

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