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Thierry Scalais thierry.scalais at
Sat Sep 2 17:47:43 EDT 2006

I joined to this mail a modified version of the advanced-portfolio.scm. 
It is name

The differences with the original version from GnuCash 2.0.1 include 
some bugs fixes and some new functions or behavioral differences.

Concerning the new functions or differences:

        * The basis price column displays the base value per share. So,
          it is easier to compare the cost of own shares and the shares
        * A option permit to display share prices in the report
          currency. Because the base value is displayed in the report
          currency, it is easier to compare the base value and the price
          when the share price currency is not the report currency.
        * The moneyin column only totalises the amount of transaction
          that increases the number of shares (purchases)
        * The moneyout column only totalises the amount of transaction
          that decreases the number of shares (sales)
        * A profits column display the profit on sales
        * The income column is the summation of expenses and incomes.
          This column may be canceled with the option 'include gains and
        * The display of the profits, incomes and unrealised gains
          columns may be canceled by an report option
        * A last column shows the 'annual growth rate' that is the
          annual growth rate that applied up to now on the shares
          transactions gives the total gain.

Concerning bugs:

        * prevents the summation of expenses and incomes in a
          multi-splits transaction for each operation on the account
          commodity found in the transaction. . In this case, the basis
          computation was wrong because the number of shares in the
          transaction was added to the basis-list for each operation on
          the account commodity within the same transaction.
          Multi-splits transaction with several split of operation on
          the account commodity are automatically generated by the
          "lots" functionnality.
        * the exchange rate from the commodity price currency to the
          report currency is no more applied on the transactions
          amounts. (Bug#350658).
        * I applied the patch of Scott Oonk (bug#343245) to fix
          truncation error in the basis calculation.
        * clean up on gains computation.
        * there are some other modifications and probably new bugs.

To try it you may add the line

    (use-modules (gnucash report advanced-portfolio-new))

in 'standard-reports.scm' around similar lines.
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