GnuCash 2.0 Official Linux Installer

Rykel rykel at
Tue Sep 5 21:44:57 EDT 2006


I have been waiting eagerly for the 2.0 Linux version of GnuCash... I am
glad to see that the version is now available, and believe the various setup
files will be available for the hundreds of Linux distros soon.

However, installing Linux programs using RPMs, DEBs, BINs, TARs etc. on sooo
many distros is a pain in the a**, not to mention a real security
compromise, because they require Administrator (Root) password to set up.

So I hope that GnuCash 2.0 Linux version could use the defacto Linux
Installer available from Using the official
Linux installer is also a great idea because then, GnuCash can be installed
as User, rather than Root.

Best of all, if you try it yourself (eg. Inkscape <>,
AbiWord <>, Gaim <>),
you will realise that installing anything with the official Linux installer
is very much like installing programs in Windows XP. That is, with a
graphical dialogue popup box.

As a further example, take a look too at a great commercial-turned-OSS
program that uses the official Linux installer, Xara

Thank you for listening, and all the best for GnuCash!!!

Best Regards,

Gizmo.Skype.GoogleTalk.Yahoo/MSN.eBay: rykel98

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