GnuCash 2.0 Official Linux Installer

Rykel rykel at
Tue Sep 5 22:16:41 EDT 2006

Hi Derek,

I am really glad that you remember me, and I appreciate your dedication.

However, please understand that it is not because I do "not" want to build
the package, it is because I have zero programming language, and am
encouraging my community to use Linux.

If I knew how to code and manipulate source, I would gladly contribute a
hundred and one packages to the Linux world at large. It would be my way of
saying Thank You to all the great people who makes Linux software available.

In fact, if you look at my signature below (which I normally remove from
mailing lists, but I am illustrating something here), I have an OpenSG Hub
where I go for enrichment courses. On 15 September 2006, I will be giving a
speech on "PC and You", and one of my subtopic will be about using Linux as
an addition to Windows XP on a desktop system.

I will be showing the audience how and why they should install Linux
programs as User, rather than Root, and currently, the only way to do it is
through the official Linux installer.

Then, I wish to show them how far Linux accounting has come (GnuCash),
because quite a number of my audience are in finance. That is why I need
your expert help in this matter.

I hope that clarifies my situation, and may everyone reading this be well
and healthy ahead.

Best Regards,

Gizmo.Skype.GoogleTalk.Yahoo/MSN.eBay: rykel98

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On 9/6/06, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
> Rykel,
> You've been asking for this for I don't know how many years/releases.
> We're still waiting for YOU to send us the packaging files needed
> for YOU to build the autopackage.   We're not going to do it ourselves
> no matter how many times you ask.
> -derek
> Quoting Rykel <rykel at>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have been waiting eagerly for the 2.0 Linux version of GnuCash... I am
> > glad to see that the version is now available, and believe the various
> setup
> > files will be available for the hundreds of Linux distros soon.
> >
> > However, installing Linux programs using RPMs, DEBs, BINs, TARs etc. on
> sooo
> > many distros is a pain in the a**, not to mention a real security
> > compromise, because they require Administrator (Root) password to set
> up.
> >
> > So I hope that GnuCash 2.0 Linux version could use the defacto Linux
> > Installer available from Using the official
> > Linux installer is also a great idea because then, GnuCash can be
> installed
> > as User, rather than Root.
> >
> > Best of all, if you try it yourself (eg. Inkscape <
> > AbiWord < >, Gaim <
> >),
> > you will realise that installing anything with the official Linux
> installer
> > is very much like installing programs in Windows XP. That is, with a
> > graphical dialogue popup box.
> >
> > As a further example, take a look too at a great commercial-turned-OSS
> > program that uses the official Linux installer, Xara
> > Xtreme<>.
> >
> > Thank you for listening, and all the best for GnuCash!!!
> >
> >
> >
> > Best Regards,
> >
> > Rykel
> > Gizmo.Skype.GoogleTalk.Yahoo/MSN.eBay: rykel98
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