How do you create win32 packages of gnumeric?

Ivan, Wong Yat Cheung ivanwong at
Sat Sep 9 02:07:34 EDT 2006

Hi Christian,

Christian Stimming wrote:
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> Dear gnumeric people,
> you are providing win32 binary packages of gnumeric on
>, which is very
> cool. Could you explain to me (and the gnucash developers) how you have
> created these packages?
They are created using makensis. All binaries are compiled with 
cross-mingw compiler on linux.

> As for GnuCash on win32/mingw, we are now able to compile it from source
> and install it locally, provided all the other requirements (including
> gtkhtml, libgsf, and goffice) have been installed beforehand. How do you
> deal with this problem in gnumeric on win32? Do you have some scripts or
> setup compilers that package it all for you? Do you think you could send
> a copy of these scripts to us? That would help a lot.
I have a NSIS script to generate those setup executes. IMO it's badly 
written. Apart from goffice, libgsf, libgnome*, all other packages are 
the same as those on I will send you 
the NSIS script privately. May be we can discuss the matter on #gnumeric.

> Oh, and by the way: Is it possible to have another goffice release quite
> soon?
Can you ship with the CVS version of it first?

> The 0.3.0 one doesn't compile on win32/mingw, but I saw the CVS
> code has probably fixed all of these difficulties.
I will make sure all related packages are compilable on win32 (even with 
MSVC which helps debugging a lot) when there's a new release. 
Unfortunately I am quite busy recently.


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