Budget report improvements

Steven Wilton swilton at q-net.net.au
Fri Sep 8 23:51:58 EDT 2006

I like the budget feature in gnucash 2.0, but there were a few features that 
I felt were missing in the report.  Unfortunately I've not programmed in 
guile or lisp before, but I gave it a shot, and thought I'd send the work 
I'd done to this list in case anyone else thinks the features are useful.

The patch does 3 things:
1 - It adds the sub-accounts in the budget columns to give a total.  I did 
this because the actual columns already contained the total of all 
2 - It adds an option to make the budget and actual amounts cumulative.
3 - It allows the user to select a single budget period to show data for.
4 - It reduces the displayed accounts to income and expense only (not a core 
feature, but it was the only way I could see to easily remove all the asset 
and liability accounts from the report)
5 - It makes the default display depth 3, once again not a core feature.

There are a few bugs that I'm aware of:
1 - For some reason the code that adds the sub-totals for the budget columns 
sometimes ends up with a blank entry.  I have no idea why this is ocurring, 
as there is no pattern that I can see.
2 - The report takes a very long time to run.  I've probably done something 
wrong int he code to make it run slowly.
3 - The number of periods that are displayed in the options menu is 
hard-coded to 12.  This value should really be obtined from the number of 
periods in the budget.

I hope the work I've done is useful.


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