MT940 import does not work

L.W. van Braam van Vloten lucas2 at
Sun Sep 24 16:17:58 EDT 2006

Dear list,

In my Debian Etch installation I wish to use gnucash with the possibility to
import MT940 files. This feature is not enabled in the default packages so I
used 'apt-get source gnucash' to obtain the sources, installed all dependencies
and build dependencies, and also libaqbanking-dev (and all its dependenciies),
and built a new gnucash package. I used the .configure options --enable-mt940
and --enable-hbci and everything compiled nicely.

Now indeed the MT940 import function became available. However, if I choose to
import a file that I downloaded from my bank, according to them in MT940 format,
I do not get to see any transactions to import. In other words, the import
wizard seems to work fine but no information is read from my MT940 file.

I noticed that when I use a random text file, the behaviour is the same. My
conclusion is that the import function does not recognize my file as an MT940

1. So my questions are: Does anyone have an idea what I can do to make the MT940
import function work?
2. Is there a way (like a logging or so) to follow in more detail the working of
the import function? (I would like to know why it doesn't see the data in my
file as MT940 formatted information)
3. Are there any sample files in MT940 format available, so I can test the
import with a file that worked for someone else? (I found a QIF file somewhere
and that seemed to work fine)
4. Is there a description of the MT940 format that gnucash expects, so I can
check the file from my bank?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would love to start using this great
application but I can't import my data :)

Kind regards,

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