FAILURE xaccResolveFilePath test-resolve-file-path.c:81

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Sep 24 16:52:03 EDT 2006

Am Sonntag, 24. September 2006 22:05 schrieb Michael SEYMOUR:
> Le Dimanche 24 Septembre 2006 20:26, Derek Atkins a écrit :
> > did you --enable-sql when you configured?

And just for the record: This is SVN trunk? (Which revision?)

> No.  I did:
> sudo ./configure
> sudo make
> sudo make check
> sudo checkinstall
> > > FAILURE xaccResolveFilePath
> > > test-resolve-file-path.c:81
> > > /home/umike/.gnucash/data/postgres:,,localhost,foo,bar
> > > (postgres://localhost/foo/bar)
> > > vs /root/.gnucash/data/postgres:,,localhost,foo,bar
> > > Executed 4 tests. There was 1 failure.
> > > FAIL: test-resolve-file-path

Isn't this directly caused by the "sudo" part of "make check"? Because 
obviously /home/umike/ and /root/ somehow get confused with each other here. 
I changed the method of determining the home directory some months ago. 
Before it was looked up by getenv("HOME"), but now the glib function 
g_get_home_dir() will use /etc/passwd in higher precedence. The glib docs 
even say "Note that in contrast to traditional Unix tools, this function 
prefers passwd entries over the HOME environment variable."

The switch from getenv() to g_get_home_dir() was necessary because on non-Unix 
systems (i.e. Windows) we cannot rely on the env variable HOME for a useful, 
user-specific home directory. Using the function offered by glib and having 
glib take care of portability seemd like the easy solution to this.


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