MT940 import does not work

L.W. van Braam van Vloten lucas2 at
Sun Sep 24 17:43:28 EDT 2006


Thanks for the 'swift' replies.

In the meantime I recompiled gnucash with --enable-debug (I don't know 
if it makes any difference). I start it from a command prompt and try to 
import an MT940 file (which fails), and then I quit the program. I get 
the following messages in the console:

lucas at isaak:~$ gnucash
gnucash: [M] "Found Finance::Quote version ""1.11"

(gnucash:7339): gnome-vfs-modules-WARNING **: Could not initialize inotify

3:2006/09/24 22-50-56:aqbanking(7339):swift.c:  282: Error in SWIFT 
data: no tag name
  String size is 21:
  0000: 41 42 4e 41 4e 4c 32 41 0a 39 34 30 0a 41 42 4e ABNANL2A.940.ABN
  0010: 41 4e 4c 32 41                                  ANL2A
3:2006/09/24 22-50-56:aqbanking(7339):swift.c:   97: Error importing data
lucas at isaak:~$

I will send an MT940 file that I received from my Dutch bank to whom 
requests it (the data is from my private bank account, it is a bit too 
confidential for a public mailing list :).

The version of aqbanking I use is the standard version in Debian Etch 
(at least on September 24, 2006). The version number is 2.0.0. The 
program aqbanking-config gives the following info:

aqbanking-config --includes: -I/usr/include
aqbanking-config --libraries: -L/usr/lib -laqbanking
aqbanking-config --vmajor: 2
aqbanking-config --vminor: 0
aqbanking-config --vpatchlevel: 0
aqbanking-config --vbuild: 0
aqbanking-config --vtag: stable

Is this enough information for you?

Kind regards,

Martin Preuss wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sunday 24 September 2006 22:46, Christian Stimming wrote:
>> Am Sonntag, 24. September 2006 22:17 schrieb L.W. van Braam van Vloten:
> [...]
>> I thought the HBCI specifications have a section about SWIFT MT940
>> somewhere in the appendix, see
>> (Part D). E.g.
>> the first characters in the file should be ":20:..."
> [...]
> Google ist your friend, "SWIFT MT940" should give you some results. I don have 
> example files either, but when I developed the SWIFT importer plugin for 
> AqBanking I had plenty of SWIFT MT940 files (because they are transmitted via 
> HBCI).
> The importer is quite tolerant (at least in later versions of AqBanking), 
> because we needed this to import some Swiss MT940 files...
> However, you could send this file to me in private and I could check it (and, 
> if necessary, adapt the importer).
> Regards
> Martin

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