FAILURE xaccResolveFilePath test-resolve-file-path.c:81

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 25 16:07:09 EDT 2006


Quoting Christian Stimming <stimming at>:

>> No. It is from the 2.0.1 tarball.
> Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
> In 2.0.1 we have a mixup of g_get_home_dir and getenv("HOME"). More
> specifically, src/engine/gnc-filepath-utils.c uses getenv("HOME"), whereas
> the failed test that you observed (engine/test/test-resolve-file-path.c) uses
> g_get_home_dir. So the failed test is due to this mixup, and in trunk you
> won't have this failed test. The error in 2.0.x is that these methods have
> been mixed in the first place, but in trunk this is fixed.
> It is now completely orthogonal to your original problem to discuss 
> whether we
> want to stick with the provided g_get_home_dir() or rather want to introduce
> our own gnc_get_home_dir() that gives precedence to getenv("HOME"). (One
> minor issue here is that g_get_home_dir returns const char*, whereas
> getenv("HOME") returns char*, so it's not only completed by only replacing
> the function call...)
> Christian

As we're on the cusp of 2.0.2, do we want to try to fix it before 2.0.2?


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