Some Japanese translation: ja.po

Hiroto Kagotani hiroto.kagotani at
Wed Aug 1 09:02:50 EDT 2007


2007/7/21, Christian Stimming <stimming at>:
> Just one small note: The first entry in the po file has a PO-Revision-Date and
> Last-Translator line. Please make sure to update those two when you edit a
> file; especially the PO-Revision-Date is used frequently to distinguish old
> and new po files.

Thanks, and I did it for the updated ja.po attached to this mail.
I (or hopefully we:) have still a lot to be done.

By the way, is there any standard way to translate predefined account
set files in accounts dir?  In particular, can I add Japanese specific
accounts here and how can I define act:id elements?

Thank you very much.
Hiroto Kagotani
<hiroto.kagotani at>
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