Some Japanese translation: ja.po

Josh Sled jsled at
Wed Aug 1 09:42:53 EDT 2007

"Hiroto Kagotani" <hiroto.kagotani at> writes:
> By the way, is there any standard way to translate predefined account
> set files in accounts dir?  In particular, can I add Japanese specific
> accounts here and how can I define act:id elements?

accounts/${langdir}/ contains the translations available for the account
trees, including entirely new, perhaps locale-specific account trees (for
example accounts/de_DE/acctchrt_skr03.gnucash-xea).  All installed files are
enumerated at run time to build the dialog's contents, so simply creating a
new file (following the same file-name conventions) and adding it to the
relevant for distribution is sufficient.

I note that there's already an accounts/ja_JP.EUC/, which appears to contain
the "common" account hierarchy encoded in EUC-JP, but for some reason it's
not mentioned/distributed in the accounts/

To generate an ID, the most straightforward way is:

    jsled at phoenix [~]$ uuidgen | tr -d -

...jsled - a=jsled;; echo ${a}@${b}
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