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Wed Aug 8 09:47:02 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 8 August 2007 14:55, Dan Widyono wrote:
> > What "leverage"? You imagine that any of these would be there in a
> > Windows user's c:\documents and setting\userID (the Windows XP
> > equivalent of $HOME/ ) for some other purpose than holding GnuCash data?
> > I think I see what the problem might be and why hard to fix. This .gconf
> > stuff isn't GnuCash specific, is it?
> You do understand :) GConf et all are not GnuCash specific; they are there
> for other Gnome applications, some of which presumably may one day also be
> ported to Windows.
[[Maybe a bit off-topic for this mailinglist, but I thought it could give some 
additional background]]

... and some are already. A fine example is The  Gimp (, 
an alternative image manipulation program for Photoshop. Whether it truly can 
replace Photoshop is a long debate, but in itself it's a very good image 
manipulation program. Originally written for *nix, but also running on 
Windows for quite some time now. The Gimp also uses GConf and as such uses 
the same common directories.



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