Feature request: process multiple invoice with single payment

John Z. Bohach jzb2 at aexorsyst.com
Thu Aug 9 15:11:11 EDT 2007


I am a programmer, even did some Scheme work way back in the old days 
(loved programming in Scheme...) of TI-Scheme on a IBM-DOS box.

Judging from some of the comments on the gnucash-users mailing list, my 
own experiences, and reality, it is quite often the case that a 
customer will send a payment for multiple invoices on a single check.

We are switching to gnucash from Quickbooks/M$, where this feature was 
available and quite useful.

If someone could direct me to the source code area where such an 
enhancement could be made, I'd start trying to implement this 
feature...unless someone has already...in which case I could assist, if 
needed.  Also, if anyone has some words of wisdom on what I should 
lookout for/consider along the way, that would be appreciated...


John Z. Bohach

P.S.:  Thanks to everyone who has worked on this project for so 
long...it is a really great program that is well on its way to 
competing with the proprietary accounting programs.

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