Stocks & Capital Gains (Feature Request)

Joshua Moore moorevineyard at
Tue Aug 14 18:25:52 EDT 2007

>As Nathan pointed out, Bugzilla is the best place to request a

Well, I filed a bug for this.  It's Bug #466773 
(  Hopefully, I did it 
right and described the situation properly.  I only use this for personal 
finances so I don't really know much about accounting or how something like 
this should be implemented in a program.

>but really we need coders to implement it.  Yes, real
>cost basis tracking and automatic gain/loss processing would be

I'd love to help, but I have no idea how to write code for something like 
this.  However, on the Development wiki page 
( it mentions that sizable 
donations can be used to fulfill feature requests.  How much are we talking 
about here?  Is there really a process for doing this?  Like I said above, I 
only use this for personal finances, and I don't think I can afford to pay a 
guy to add this feature by myself, but is there a way to get, say, 100 or 
more people to commit five or ten bucks to a specific feature - something 
more binding than a bunch of strangers promising each other money or 
services?  Or would it be better that those smaller donations be thrown in 
the tip jar to cover other expenses?

>PS:  You sent the original mail on the 10th.  It's only been
>four days, and the mail was relatively long, and you sent it
>over the weekend, so I'm not at all surprised you didn't get
>a reply right away.

Too right.  Sometimes I get excited and jump the gun.

Now you can see trouble…before he arrives

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