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Josh Sled jsled at
Sat Aug 18 10:58:31 EDT 2007

ahmad sayed <ahmadsayed83 at> writes:
> There is request from google to upload our soc code to a specific code
> repository, so I confirm that all my files indicate that it is under Gnu
> General Public License, sorry not sure how important this issue is, but i
> think other gnucash SOC projects should consider this issue also.

It looks like a...

    $ svn diff -r $branch_point:HEAD${branch} > soc.diff

Should work alright, so long as it records newly-created files, which I
believe it does.  In order to determine the ${branch_point} revision

    $ svn log --stop-on-copy${branch}

Should do the trick; the first revision will be the one that created the

Also, yes, all sources should be under the GPL.

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