The payment amount must be greater than zero

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Mon Aug 20 11:13:13 EDT 2007

On Mon, August 20, 2007 4:36 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:

> See, this is where you're not quite right.  Gnucash really is a little
> schizophrenic here; it's not sure if it wants to be a Personal finance
> program or a Small Business finance program.  It's really trying to be
> both.  It's NOT trying to "transition" to being ONLY a business finance
> program.

There is no reason why Gnucash cannot be both a personal finance program
or a small business program at the same time, there is very little
difference between the two.

> Having said that; the business features SHOULD be better; but I have
> no time to work on them and nobody else has really come forward to
> spend the many man-months of effort required to bring it up to snuff.
> But no, as a whole, I cannot say that gnucash is transitioning as you
> suggest it is.   Sorry.

My concern is that having spent the many man months of effort, will
patches be considered? Gnucash is probably one of the best candidates out
there to become a proper business accounting application with a few fixes
here and there. What worries me is that when these issues are brought up,
invariably someone infers the problem cannot be fixed or solved.


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