The payment amount must be greater than zero

Stephen Grant Brown s_g_brown at
Tue Aug 21 06:45:43 EDT 2007

Hi There.

I heartily agree with Ian's comment.

I live in Australia and if I were to keep MYOB upgraded it would cost me a 
couple of hundred dollars a year.

PS I do not have a couple of hundred dollars a year to spend on an 
accounting package. But I am getting in a postion to wrote code for gnucash 
to do something it does not currently do. But until then I am quite happy 
with the things it currently does do.

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

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>> I've jokingly said in the past that maybe I should charge people
>> for my GnuCash tech support.  Maybe I should actually follow through
>> on that?
> Personally, I think there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that.
> You or other devs might be able to spend more time on it if you did.
> It would probably be worth the money for small businesses or
> individuals if it was a reasonable price. Though I would hope you
> could still answer basic questions for free ;) Maybe you could start
> by working for paypal donations?
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