The payment amount must be greater than zero

Patrik Lermon patrik at
Tue Aug 21 03:27:48 EDT 2007

On 8/21/07, Ian Lewis <ianmlewis at> wrote:
> > I've jokingly said in the past that maybe I should charge people
> > for my GnuCash tech support.  Maybe I should actually follow through
> > on that?
> Personally, I think there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that.
> You or other devs might be able to spend more time on it if you did.
> It would probably be worth the money for small businesses or
> individuals if it was a reasonable price. Though I would hope you
> could still answer basic questions for free ;) Maybe you could start
> by working for paypal donations?
> --
> Ian Lewis
> ianlewis at

I fully agree.
Free software is about freedom. If you feel like you are forced to
work with Gnucash,
then you certainly should lay off it, to some extent.

An nobody is saying that _you_ did a bad job. Everybody are free to
point out suggestions though.
I would like to thank you for your great work with Gnucash.
And as great as it is, it will probably only become better.

Best regards,

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