Can't print a f@#*ing Report

Alison Smith holisticmechanics at
Fri Aug 24 03:40:39 EDT 2007

You know when i was put onto this i was seriously impressed, I've spent hours and frigging hours inputing information but please explain why the hell I cannot get anything to print except mirror image crap?????

I have been told to save files as pdfs and then print only I can't seem to get it to perform that function more than once effectively.   GUYS, GUYS if you want people like us to get into  your product and believe me until this really frustrating adventure I was more than happy to make a donation.   After dropping a serious chunk of change on MYOB and loving gnu a whole lot more I'm not going to stiff you.  But I have pissed HOURS up the wall on something so goddamn basic as send to fucking print.


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