Can someone help me make the SLR dialog do what I want?

Josh Sled jsled at
Fri Aug 24 18:54:27 EDT 2007

Tim Wunder <tim at> writes:
> That was easy and I liked the result. Encouraged, I sought to reading more of 
> the code to see where it builds the list of SXs that get displayed. I want 
> only SXs that will be in a Reminder, To Be Created, or Automatically Created 
> state to display. I have a lot of SXs and having those that are neither ready 
> to be created nor reminders adds unwanted clutter for me. 

Most of the code in dialog-sx-since-last-run.c adapts the GncSxInstances
model into a GtkTreeModel, for direct use in the GtkTreeView which is the
(new) SLR dialog.

You may be better served by using a GtkTreeModelFilter to {dis,en}able the
rows you want.  This could be exposed via a new control in the dialog, maybe
with default settings in preferences ... I'm moderately opposed to user prefs
for this, though maybe we can hide them in an "Advanced" section of SX prefs,
or something.

> P.S. Another thought I had was to display the SXs in a color-coded manner so 
> that Automatics could be grey'd (I think the State column is grey'd out 
> already), the Reminders could be yellow, the To Be Created without variables 
> could be dark green while the To Be Created that have variables could be 
> displayd light green. (But that's just a crazy idea my left brain cell 
> had...)

Color coding is always tricky ... in cultural significance ... in how it
interacts with custom gtk themes (dark-green on black = unreadable) ... the

It might be better if they were instead three distinct super-trees (i.e., up
at the root level).  Or if the dialog could be "pivoted" around the two
display modes (grouped by State vs. integrated by SX).

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