Can someone help me make the SLR dialog do what I want?

Tim Wunder tim at
Fri Aug 24 19:30:07 EDT 2007

On Friday 24 August 2007 6:54:27 pm Josh Sled wrote:
> Tim Wunder <tim at> writes:
> > That was easy and I liked the result. Encouraged, I sought to reading
> > more of the code to see where it builds the list of SXs that get
> > displayed. I want only SXs that will be in a Reminder, To Be Created, or
> > Automatically Created state to display. I have a lot of SXs and having
> > those that are neither ready to be created nor reminders adds unwanted
> > clutter for me.
> Most of the code in dialog-sx-since-last-run.c adapts the GncSxInstances
> model into a GtkTreeModel, for direct use in the GtkTreeView which is the
> (new) SLR dialog.
> You may be better served by using a GtkTreeModelFilter to {dis,en}able the
> rows you want.  This could be exposed via a new control in the dialog,
> maybe with default settings in preferences ... I'm moderately opposed to
> user prefs for this, though maybe we can hide them in an "Advanced" section
> of SX prefs, or something.

OK... So I :
"Filter specific rows, based on data from a "visible column", a column storing 
booleans indicating whether the row should be filtered or not, or based on 
the return value of a "visible function", which gets a model, iter and 
user_data and returns a boolean indicating whether the row should be filtered 
or not."
Where do I do this filtering? I guess I'd need to create some sort of "visible 
function" that would make visible that which I want to filter??? And WTF is 
an "iter"?

> > P.S. Another thought I had was to display the SXs in a color-coded manner
> > so that Automatics could be grey'd (I think the State column is grey'd
> > out already), the Reminders could be yellow, the To Be Created without
> > variables could be dark green while the To Be Created that have variables
> > could be displayd light green. (But that's just a crazy idea my left
> > brain cell had...)
> Color coding is always tricky ... in cultural significance ... in how it
> interacts with custom gtk themes (dark-green on black = unreadable) ... the
> HIG.
> It might be better if they were instead three distinct super-trees (i.e.,
> up at the root level).  Or if the dialog could be "pivoted" around the two
> display modes (grouped by State vs. integrated by SX).

Yeah, I know. But it would look purdy if it had colors. ;)
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