Questions about gnuCash backend access

Samuel deHuszar Allen dehuszar at
Fri Aug 24 18:56:52 EDT 2007

Thanks for the feedback.  I didn't know I was mailing to the gnucash list.
I just clicked on the developer's mailto on the support site.  I guess I've
got some reading material ahead of me this weekend.  :)


On 8/24/07, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please remember to CC the list on all your replies...
> "Samuel deHuszar Allen" <dehuszar at> writes:
> > First, thanks for the quick response.  A quick perusing through the
> Scheme
> > language docs makes me wonder.  What's the best way to inject
> procedures?  Is
> > learning Scheme a worthwhile endeavor? Or are there some quick bindings
> that I
> > can access using some common (non-C++ as I am a C-Dummy) XML exchange
> such as
> > SOA, SOAP, etc.?  Can I use gnome GUI tools to invoke commands or
> scripts?  I
> > want to be able to create a web-based interface, or some kind of
> transaction
> > broker that can inject/retrieve information from a local gnucash
> > installation.  It looks like there's no gnucash server of any kind.
> You can get GnuCash to load new scheme procedures at runtime.  It's
> not the EASIEST thing in the world, but it's possible.   Note also
> that I said "C", not "C++".
> IMHO learning Scheme is always a good idea.  It's a very useful
> language to know from a Computer Science point of view.  It's very
> easy to learn (it should take a good programer no more than a day to
> really learn the syntax, and a week to learn the basic APIs).
> Adding SOA/SOAP etc. to gnucash would be MUCH more challenging.
> GnuCash (as-is) is a desktop applkication, not a web-app.  No, there
> is no "gnucash server".
> > Without C++ knowledge, am I sunk?  Thanks again for your help, and my
> > apologies for hand-holding requests.  If I don't have to learn an
> enormous
> > high-level programming language to do what I want, I'd prefer to
> not.  :)
> See above.  There is no C++, there is only C.  But if you don't
> know C and aren't willing to learn Scheme, then yes, you're SOL.
> > Thanks again.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Sam
> -derek
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