IRC question about compiling aqbanking

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Aug 27 09:51:34 EDT 2007

Hi David,

just to explain the open question about compiling aqbanking on IRC at

23:35:26 <dmb> any of you familiar with aqbanking?
23:35:34 <dmb> im getting a compile error when trying to compile it
23:35:52 <dmb> jobgetbalance_p.h:28: error: expected '=', ',', ';',  
'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'AB_JobGetBalance_FreeData'
23:49:39 <dbr> dmb: are you compiling Head or a release tarball?
23:50:33 <dbr> at this point, I don't think the most recent svn source  
will work with gnucash even if it compiles
23:54:44 <dbr> I haven't had a problem with the 2.2.x series, but the  
2.9.x will be a problem

Yes, that is still correct: Gnucash will only work with aqbanking  
2.2.x or 2.3.x (which is svn-trunk) and gwenhywfar 2.6.x (which is  
svn-trunk). But GnuCash will *not* work with 2.9.x (which is  
svn-branch-aq3) or gwenhywfar-2.9.x (which is svn-branch-aq3), whose  
SVN code partially doesn't compile anyway. See [1] for pointers to the  
SVN repositories.

23:59:01 <dmb> dbr: release
23:59:21 <dmb> dbr: the line of code it doesn't like is static void  
GWENHYWFAR_CB AB_JobGetBalance_FreeData(void *bp, void *p
23:59:46 <dmb> i don't seem to understand why it looks like he is  
trying to return 2 types
23:59:54 <dmb> although it might be some advanced concept of c i never learned
00:00:12 <dbr> that's beyond my programming knowledge
00:00:37 <dbr> but I thought it was C++ for aqbanking and gwenhywfar
00:20:35 <dbr> dmb: my copy of that file shows that line ending in );
00:21:16 <dbr> kinda like one would expect from the error message.

Good suggestion, but in this case the error message was caused by the  
C macro GWENHYFAR_CB which is the word directory before the function  
name.  This is hinted at by the error message "expected ... *before*  
AB_JobGetBalance_FreeData". If a missing semicolon had been the error,  
the error message would have told something about "unexpected end of  
xyz after )" or similar, but not something about *before* xyz.

00:21:26 <dmb> i just compiled gwenhyfar myself
00:21:33 <dmb> and it worked
00:23:52 <dbr> so try adding the closing paren and the semicolon and  
see if aqbanking compiles
00:24:02 <dbr> then wonder about how the file got corrupt
00:24:44 <dmb> it worked when i recompiled gwenfar for some reason

Probably "dmb" rather had an old version of gwenhywfar or a mixup of  
different gwenhywfar versions around, which caused a wrong definition  
of the macro "GWENHYWFAR_CB" instead of the correct definition, which  
in turn caused this incomprehensible compiler error :-(. In general,  
the error reporter should have mentioned his/her package versions  
first; maybe you could have pointed him/her towards using the most  
up-to-date packages first.

In any case, thanks for the aqbanking support :-)



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