Permission Denied

Stephen Grant Brown s_g_brown at
Tue Aug 28 15:54:18 EDT 2007

Hi Derek and all others reading this.

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Yes, it did download correctly.

I can go back into c:/soft/downloads and execute the file.
The first thing Vista asks is "Did I start executing this file?"

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant brown

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> Hi,
> "Stephen Grant Brown" <s_g_brown at> writes:
>> Dear Sir/Madam,
>> I am attempting to compile gnucash under Microsoft Vista.
> Why compile it instead of using the binary installer?
>> When running I get
>> ./ c:/soft/downloads/msysDTK.exe Permision Denied
>> How do I change the permissions so I can compile gnucash?
> Well, did it successfully download the DTK?
> If so, I have no idea, unless Vista has some something that
> prevents you from executing downloads without doing something
> special.   All gnucash win32 development is done on XP.
> So... You'll probably have to work on debugging this on your own,
> but we're certainly happy to help you along and integrate any
> required changes.
>> Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown
> -derek
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