External App connection to a GnuCash file

Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Tue Aug 28 20:01:28 EDT 2007

"Daniel Espinosa" <esodan at gmail.com> writes:
> Why I have an error message for the file
> /usr/local/include/gnucash/qofutil.h in the line:
> #   error "No scanf format string is known for LLD. Fix your
> ../configure so that the correct one is detected!"
> The actual code in qofutil.h file is:

Did you include a "config.h", which might define one of those
HAVE_... values?  What/how are you building your sources?

> What are the steps to open a Session/Book in QOF?

Take a look at some of the test files.  Try

> I have the following code:

I think that's roughly correct. 

> Are there any Tutorial to use GnuCash's QOF?

Not as such.  There's plenty of documentation in the code, and there's
bunches of GnuCash code that uses QOF, of course. 

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