GNUCash mentions in Britain's national press

Andrew Wood andrew at
Fri Aug 31 07:21:47 EDT 2007

HI all,

There are a couple of mentions of GNUCash in Britain's Guardian paper - 
one of the nationals. Last time I looked the paper sold around 380,000 
copies a day. The mentions are in the weekly technology supplement, 
supplied with every newspaper, see below.

Andrew Wood, Oxford. England




Quitting Quicken; Guardian Unlimited, Thursday August 30 2007; Jack 

I am unhappy because I can no longer access 10 years' data in Quicken 
98. I have loaded it on a new PC, but the software tells me I must 
register it or it will terminate. I cannot do this as Quicken is no 
longer supported in Europe. I have phoned Quicken support, who cannot 
offer a practical solution.Ted Pollard JS: Quicken brings out a new 
version every year, and all ...


Mac mover; Guardian Unlimited, Thursday August 30 2007; Jack Schofield

I am running Intuit Quicken on my PC to keep track of my finances, but 
am about to be presented with an Apple computer. Can you recommend 
similar software for the Mac?Stanley Russell JS: There is a US version 
of Quicken for the Mac, but it uses a different data format, and has 
fewer features, so much of your PC data may not convert. Quicken has 
some advice on doing the (...)

(...) look at. These include iCash, Moneydance and Liquid Ledger. 
Personal Accountz and GnuCash are also available for the Mac. Searching will find (...)

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