RW access for german account charts

Rolf Leggewie no2spam at
Fri Aug 31 09:34:33 EDT 2007


I am interested in maintaining German business related accounts (mainly
SKR04 which is what I use).  This is very uninteresting work that is of
big concern to any German business user, but nobody else.
Unfortuntately, that precludes all main devs.

Thus, I was wondering if it was possible to seperate out RW privileges
for files related to German accounts.  If so, I would like to apply for
them.  And since this is probably more than a single person with a
full-time job can achieve on his own, I would hope that Frank
Ellenberger would apply as well.

I hope it is clear what I am talking about, if not, ask.  I originally
raised this in

The reason that the normal way of "send patches" is not ideal is
(quoting myself from IRC)

(14:53:53) Rolf: Because there are lots of changes to be done right now
(14:54:06) Rolf: Because this is shitty work noone wants to do
(14:54:18) Rolf: Because you have half-assed implementations all over
the place

There are more reasons.  It really boils down to "make it easy for the
one that is trying to fix this while encouraging others to chip in as
well".  If possible, there could be a small group of people with RW
access for maintaining the German accounts only.

This would not affect gnucash core.


Rolf Leggewie

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