GnuCash 2.1.2 directions

Patrik Lermon patrik at
Fri Aug 31 12:33:41 EDT 2007

On 8/31/07, Wm Stewart <wstewart at> wrote:
> Good problem solving - however two issues:
>    * You used V2.2.1 whereas I used V2.1.2.

Oops... Sloppy reading (or memory). Sorry.

>    * In the middle of my GNUCash installations it stopped while my firewall
> asked for permission for "gnucash-bin.exe" to access the IP.  If refused
> the installation continues but the problem reoccurs, and if allowed the
> installation continues and the problem goes away.
> In other words, this might not be a virus, but it is definitely happening,
> it was replicated by me and Manuel, and it is somewhere in gnucash-bin.exe.
>  Can you try again on a new Win XP box, but with V2.1.2?

Well, if the problem is not in the latest version, then it's not that
important (in my opinion).


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