PATCH: Advanced portfolio report revisions

Segundo Bob SegundoBob at
Thu Dec 6 12:37:50 EST 2007

Andrew Sackville-West and Morrison J. Chang,

Thanks for working on advanced-portfolio.scm.  You have greatly improved this report for our data.  But the report still handles one of our accounts incorrectly.  The attached TestFile contains only the account data that the report handles incorrectly.  TestFile does NOT contain any account numbers or other private data.  The release 2.2.1 advanced-porfolio report for this account puts numbers in all the columns (wrong numbers).  Andrew's versions of 2007-11-29 and 2007-12-03; and Morrison's version of 2007-11-28 are all the same for this account.  They leave four columns blank--but all the non-blank, non-zero columns are correct.

We hope you find this test case useful, but we may be missing something obvious.  My wife and I began trying GnuCash less than a month ago.

Segundo Bob
SegundoBob at

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