Portfolio performance report

Luiz luiz.bispo at uol.com.br
Sat Dec 8 15:40:13 EST 2007

Thank you for the reply.

I already use the "double adv report" approach you suggested.

I would try to modify the original report and I should post anything 
that could to be of any use.



Andrew Sackville-West escreveu:
> On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 07:35:23PM -0300, Luiz wrote:
>> Does anyone have the code for a performance portfolio report?
> No report like that currently exists. The closest you could get would
> be to build a "Custom Multi-Column Report" with two adv port reports
> set to different dates. That would still make you do the math, though
> it could probably be exported to html, imported to a spreadsheet and
> manipulated further. 
>> I would like to have the an "Advanced Portfolio Report" that shows me 
>> the performance of my investments in a "from date to date" basis and not 
>>   only on a specific date like the original one.
> At the moment, I'm working on improving the report to make it actually
> work ;-). I have no plans at this time to implement new features that
> go beyond the core function of the report and I suspect no one else is
> willing at the moment. I do think it's a good idea though. And, of
> course, patches are welcome.
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