Patch commenting question

Charles Day cedayiv at
Tue Dec 11 00:57:20 EST 2007

I'm writing a small patch for one of the bugs listed in and was wondering
about how to comment it. The changes are exclusively to scheme code and
consist of about 10 lines - all within the same function but in several
separate spots. Sorry if you are answering these questions for the
thousandth time.

Do you like to see comments that reference the bugzilla bug number, as in
"For bug 12345: (explanation)"? Or leave the number off?

Do you want to see my name in there for future questions/blame, or do you
just leave that sort of history tracking to svn?

If I have to analyze an uncommented section of code to figure out how it
works, can I add some comments to help the next pair of eyes, even if I am
not changing that code? The file I am working on is pretty slim on comments.

Is there some place that these and other coding policies are written down so
I can read them?


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