Compiling gnucash source from svn

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Dec 15 07:37:02 EST 2007


Quoting Renato Moutinho <rmsilva_br at>:

> Hi there,
>    I grabbed an SVN snapshot of gnucash so I could tweak and fix some 
> things, but when I try to build it, fails with the 
> following error:
> src/report/utility-reports/test/ shell 
> ${top_srcdir}/src/gnc-test-env --no-exports ${GNC_TEST_DEPS}: 
> non-POSIX variable name
> src/report/utility-reports/test/ (probably a GNU make 
> extension)
> src/tax/us/test/ `:='-style assignments are not portable
> src/tax/us/test/ `:='-style assignments are not portable
> src/tax/us/test/ shell ${top_srcdir}/src/gnc-test-env 
> --no-exports ${GNC_TEST_DEPS}: non-POSIX variable name
> src/tax/us/test/ (probably a GNU make extension)
> **Error**: automake failed.
> Anyone know what's the problem here ?

Not with just the snippet you put here... These are all warnings.
The actual failure is much earlier in the output; probably very
early in the output.  Most likely you're missing some -devel package.
It probably says something about a missing macro.

> Regards,
> Renato Moutinho


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