gnucash doesn't load data file

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Sat Dec 29 20:56:31 EST 2007

Have used gnucash for many years - even donated the loan s/w to the effort.

Computer died unexpectedly on Wed last. I had made a habit of saving all 
financial information to 2 separate USB drives and so thought I was home 
free. 2 separate copies of all information!!!

It would appear that I was terribly wrong.

I had been using FC 5

The new computer is using Kubuntu 7.10 with  gnucash 2.2.x (not sure of 
last digit.) - do not know previous version of gnucash - whatever is 
current under FC 5 I think.

Copied all of the financial directories from a USB drive to the new hard 
drive. Set up the home directory for gnucash and booted gnucash.

Went through the business of creating a new account, then canceled that 
and instructed to open an existing account file. Everything was okay 
until I attempted to open the old data file.

Nothing happens.

gnucash just hangs.

Thought maybe it was taking a Looooooong time to read the file.

Let it run for about 10 minutes - no change. The gnucash window is just 
vacant and the running icon just goes like the energizer bunny - never 
stops. Finally clicked the  terminate symbol in the upper right corner - 
nothing. gnucash is truly hung. Finally KDE informs me that gnucash is 
not rtesponding and lets me terminate.

Repeated the above sereval times, even after refreshing the data file 
from the USB drive each time and deleteing the lock file, etc.

I have several years of data locked up in that old data file, including 
the current financial status.

Is it truly lost?

Do I really have to start from scratch and count the old information as 

That will lose a lot of information that cannot be regained.

Tell me that the gnucash devlopers have a solution - please.

Thanks for any help.


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