gnucash doesn't load data file

Josh Sled jsled at
Sun Dec 30 11:28:43 EST 2007

Family <fastsnip-family1 at> writes:
> Have used gnucash for many years - even donated the loan s/w to the effort.
> Computer died unexpectedly on Wed last. I had made a habit of saving all 
> financial information to 2 separate USB drives and so thought I was home 
> free. 2 separate copies of all information!!!
> It would appear that I was terribly wrong.
> I had been using FC 5
> The new computer is using Kubuntu 7.10 with  gnucash 2.2.x (not sure of 
> last digit.) - do not know previous version of gnucash - whatever is 
> current under FC 5 I think.
> Copied all of the financial directories from a USB drive to the new hard 
> drive. Set up the home directory for gnucash and booted gnucash.
> Went through the business of creating a new account, then canceled that 
> and instructed to open an existing account file. Everything was okay 
> until I attempted to open the old data file.
> Nothing happens.
> gnucash just hangs.
> Thought maybe it was taking a Looooooong time to read the file.
> Let it run for about 10 minutes - no change. The gnucash window is just 
> vacant and the running icon just goes like the energizer bunny - never 
> stops. Finally clicked the  terminate symbol in the upper right corner - 
> nothing. gnucash is truly hung. Finally KDE informs me that gnucash is 
> not rtesponding and lets me terminate.
> Repeated the above sereval times, even after refreshing the data file 
> from the USB drive each time and deleteing the lock file, etc.
> I have several years of data locked up in that old data file, including 
> the current financial status.
> Is it truly lost?
> Do I really have to start from scratch and count the old information as 
> lost?
> That will lose a lot of information that cannot be regained.
> Tell me that the gnucash devlopers have a solution - please.
> Thanks for any help.

What are the datafile(s) that you copied?

Do you recall what the files/directories they were originally?

What's the path/name of the datafile you're opening?

If you run gnucash from a terminal like such:

    $ gnucash --debug --logto stderr

What – if anything – is printed when you open the old datafile and it hangs?

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