[patch] Update README files for Debian dependencies

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Mon Dec 31 06:26:13 EST 2007

Hi Jerry,

Am Sonntag, den 30.12.2007, 14:10 -0500 schrieb Jerry Quinn:
> As I was resolving the dependencies I needed to build gnucash out of 
> svn, I updated the README files somewhat to reflect the current status 
> quo on Debian testing.  I tried to capture what I needed both for the 
> automake run as well as configuring and building.  I also updated the 
> Debian package version lists in README.dependencies.  I checked the 
> versions against stable as well, so I think it's ok.
> Let me know if anything is amiss.
> Thanks,

I really wonder whether this type of information should only be held at
the GnuCash wiki as it tends to become outdated pretty easily.

Just my 2 ¢.

-- andi5

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