Recommendations on managing inventory

Shocky shocky1 at
Fri Feb 16 13:15:47 EST 2007

On Friday 16 February 2007 09:55, you wrote:
> In GnuCash exist an object to manage in a generic way Commodities,
> actualy just some objects financial objects (bonds, currencies, funds,
> NASDAQ), but if you see it could manage some kind of inventory, but
> you need to inspect /src/engine/gnc-commodity.c/.h and create an
> object derived from this object...
> Actualy GnuCash use QOF as a object oriented base, I'm working into
> base on GObject, then you may want to create an object using the
> actual code.
> I'm working in port to GObject, becouse I want an inventory system,
> and export/import data from other applications using an API to access
> the internal data in GnuCash, like GDA ( does to
> access databases, but this is an early development in
> gobject-engine-dev branch.

Thanks for the input. I haven't done anything with commodities in Gnucash yet, 
so I'll have to get familiar with them first. But now that you mention it, 
yeah, I can see the similarities between items in inventory and commodities 
owned. The problem of determining the cost base in order to calculate capital 
gains when commodities are sold is essentially the same as is done with 
inventory (except that I'm not sure anyone uses anything other than average 
cost with commodities). It certainly might be a good starting point. I'll 
look at it when I get a chance (but still for now I need to go with what I 

These are my opinions. Get your own.

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