Slightly smarter date parsing?

Jamuraa jamuraa at
Sun Jan 7 16:16:34 EST 2007

I was putting my receipts in for the last half month or so recently
and noticed that I had to be careful to notice the year that the
receipts were in.  When putting in 12/23 or similar, I didn't get
December 23, 2006, but December 23, 2007.  I thought this should be
different, so I dove into the gnucash code and changed qof_scan_date
slightly to choose the last year for December if the current month is
January.  The patch is attached.

I am not sure if this code is called from many other places than the
register date cell, but some cursory cscope digging shows a lot of
places where this behavior would probably be useful (scheduled
transactions, etc) getting to qof_scan_date eventually.

I asked on #gnucash and it was suggested that I bring it here since
there may be some debate.

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