Slightly smarter date parsing?

conrad at conrad at
Mon Jan 8 21:32:03 EST 2007

Anderw Sackville-West wrote:
> me too! but it only crops up once a year. How long after 1/1 are
> people still entering 12/xx items? Granted, I routinely enter 50+
> items from the previous month, so its been particularly annoying. But
> I think, in terms of gnucash doing exactly what is expected, entering
> 12/31 and getting 12/31/07 makes sense. It is totally predictable in
> all cases that the year *will* be the curent year. Anything else would
> introduce uncertainty in its behavior and that's probably bad IMO.

I've never noticed this problem, despite having (in the past) had to enter
many transactions from the previous year. That might be because I always
enter the full date including the year....  :-)


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