python-gnucash (swig-ification against 2.0.1)

Tom Purl tom at
Thu Jan 18 11:30:37 EST 2007

>> It looks like someone created python bindings, using swig, against
>> 1.9.8.
> Hi, I'm the developer. The website is out of date. I have a newer
> version in our apt repository that is built against 2.0.1


> The code's in rough shape, which is why I've been holding off announcing
> the existence of it here. I intend to whip this beast into a quality
> public free software project this year... Going to host it on Savannah.

Fantastic!  Thanks a lot Mark.

I'm pretty ignorant about swig in general.  How robust will this python
interface be?  I'm assuming that I could at least create some text
reports using the api wrapper.  Would I actually be able to safely
manipulate data also?

Thanks again!

Tom Purl

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