Problem getting quotes

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Sat Jan 20 13:28:08 EST 2007

On a new installation, after I ran gnc-fq-update, I still got a "system error" when trying to retrieve quotes.  gnc-fq-dump worked fine.  However, when I ran gnc-fq-helper, it told me that Date::Manip was not found.  I have modified gnc-fq-update and gnc-fq-check to check for Date::Manip (there is an implicit "use Date::Manip" in gnc-fq-helper).  I don't know perl very well.  Is it possible to pull the set of required modules into a separate include file?  I didn't change it, but an update for gnc-fq-dump might also be required.

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