GnuCash on Win32: Binary package now available

Tord Ingolf Reistad tordr at
Mon Jan 22 11:12:54 EST 2007


I want to be a tester for the Windows version of GnuCash.
See below for questions related to that fact.

Main part of message:
I used GnuCash for one year for personal finances, and I really liked 
it, but I am now spending 10 months abroad and my only personal computer 
is a Windows laptop. I tried to get GnuCash to work for Windows in 
September but I gave up.

So when I checked GnuCash in early January (luck would have it that I 
check on the 5th of January) and saw that a Windows version had become 
available. I immediately downloaded and installed it. I will use it for 
personal finance and I do not care if it is experimental and will one 
day eat all my work because of a bug.

I set it up and thought everything was going OK, but I have now stopped 
using it for a week because of one bug, but now I am back and want to 
use it more despite the bugs.

I wrote my files with data, saved it. Closed the program and then opened 
it up again the next day. Suddenly all my days are wrong. A transaction 
for the 5th becomes dated the 4th and so on, if I set the transaction 
back to the 5th and save it, it turns up as the 4th again, but if I 
leave it as it is and add new transactions, then the date is not changed 
to the 3.rd. All new transactions are also backdated by one day.

Also I would recommend not poking around to much with the reports as I 
get some kind of overflow where some dates are suddenly part of the 
transactions, but this might only be a visual problem. (Norwegian: 
Inntekter og kostnadder -> Inntekter (sektordiagram) e.g. "kr 200" 
changes to "kr oktober8200")

I have English Windows version, but my native language is Norwegian so 
GnuCash gives me Norwegian menus. I am now banking in Norwegian and 
Danish money. (I will also use EUR in the next 6 months and my paypal 
account uses USD). Therefore I must be a good test case to test 
everything that might go wrong.

I found out where the bug list are, but given the volume of bugs, how 
can I be certain that I am not reporting all ready reported bugs?
How can I get English menus because in the bug reports I will have to 
use the English names?
And when will new experimental versions be available?
I am do not want to compile them myself.

I am as of now subscribed to gnucash-devel and gnucash-user, but the 
mails are filtered as they are too high volume for me to read with any 


On Wednesday 03 January 2007 11:47 am, Christian Stimming wrote:
 > As explained earlier here and on,
 > compiling of GnuCash on Microsoft Windows can be completed
 > successfully for quite some time now.
 > Eventually with the help of a lot of you here we were also able to
 > create the first binary packages that come with a executable
 > installer.
 > According to our initial tests, these install an actually working copy
 > of GnuCash on Windows. We need a lot of feedback now about whether
 > this really works, or which parts are still broken. Please download
 > this totally experimental package from here:
 > For known issues, see here:
 > When reporting problems, either send a message here on gnucash-devel
 > or add text to the wiki page. (Please don't use bugzilla for windows
 > issues, yet.)
 > Most importantly, the win32-GnuCash cannot read or write compressed
 > files. Your Unix/Linux datafile is most certainly gzip compressed, so
 > this cannot be read by the win32 GnuCash. In any case you shouldn't
 > use this win32 version for any of your real data, because it might
 > still mysteriously modify your data or make it disappear or whatever.
 > We are eagerly awaiting any feedback.

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