GnuCash on Win32: Binary package now available

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Mon Jan 22 11:33:34 EST 2007

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Tord Ingolf Reistad schrieb:
> Summary:
> I want to be a tester for the Windows version of GnuCash.
> See below for questions related to that fact.

Very cool. Thanks for any feedback. To answer your question from below:

If you want to report bugs but don't have much time to check for whether
these have been reported already, I'd suggest you should just add them
as entries to bugzilla:
If there happens to be a duplicate, we'll mark it as such and ignore it.
That's no problem at all.

> I wrote my files with data, saved it. Closed the program and then opened 
> it up again the next day. Suddenly all my days are wrong. A transaction 
> for the 5th becomes dated the 4th and so on, if I set the transaction 
> back to the 5th and save it, it turns up as the 4th again, but if I 
> leave it as it is and add new transactions, then the date is not changed 
> to the 3.rd. All new transactions are also backdated by one day.

I haven't heard of this before. Is this reproducible? Or did you switch
timezones during travel (no joke)?

> Also I would recommend not poking around to much with the reports as I 
> get some kind of overflow where some dates are suddenly part of the 
> transactions, but this might only be a visual problem. (Norwegian: 
> Inntekter og kostnadder -> Inntekter (sektordiagram) e.g. "kr 200" 
> changes to "kr oktober8200")

Put it into bugzilla, with screenshot.

> I have English Windows version, but my native language is Norwegian so 
> GnuCash gives me Norwegian menus. I am now banking in Norwegian and 
> Danish money. (I will also use EUR in the next 6 months and my paypal 
> account uses USD). Therefore I must be a good test case to test 
> everything that might go wrong.

Yes, sounds like it. As for english wording: In the script that starts
GnuCash (Program Files\GnuCash\gnucash.bat) you can set the environment
variable LANG=C, I think, to switch to english:

set LANG=C

> Questions:
> And when will new experimental versions be available?
> I am do not want to compile them myself.

Currently I'm compiling and uploading a new version every few days. I
will not be able to do this after I switch workplaces in March, but then
we'll (hopefully) find someone else who will compile and upload these.



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