about check number heuristics

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Fri Jan 26 16:18:19 EST 2007

Am Freitag, 26. Januar 2007 18:50 schrieb Ethy H. Brito:
> > I would strongly suggest to simply add a numerical comparison (in
> > additiona to the string comparison) in import-backend.c, as this
> > achieves your original goal of "good scores to imported transactions"
> > obviously much much easier.
> I agree and already did that. It is working.
> But somebody (maybe yourself) stated that "perhaps the importer could try
> to be more intelligent" and I simply offered to give my 2 cents.

Ok. My personal feeling is that the importer has quite a number of fields to 
choose from, so for one particular field like e.g. the check number, you 
shouldn't introduce too much additional complexity *only for this field*. 
With the current rule-based import matching algorithm, your original issue is 
solved by a numerical comparison just fine.

> If you think this is not necessary (maybe this is a "problem" complained by
> myself only) I am satisfied with my (unsent) small patch. My sole intention
> was to contribute. ;-)

Feel free to submit the patch, even if it seems small to you.

More complexity might be a good thing in places where it is really adequate. 
In this particular case, I think it would divert from the original problem 
and its easy solution.

Thanks for any contribution,


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