libofx and win32

Dave Reiser dbreiser at
Fri Jan 26 17:23:49 EST 2007

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Dave Reiser <dbreiser at>:
>> >As a next
>> > step, someone (hint, hint) needs to check whether the opensp-win32
>> > binary package is enough to build libofx on win32.
>> Not unless there's a way to extract the headers from the binaries...
> Well, the "binary package" just means "compiled".   If it's a development
> package then it should have the headers, too.  Did you look and try before
> going on compiling it on your own?

I did look. The windows .zip download contains only 6 .exe files and one 
.dll. I didn't check to see if any of the .exe files were self-expanding 

>> Being foolish, I decided to try compiling the tarball in msys --
>> straight command line approach, since I don't understand the details of
>> the syntax. OpenSP 1.5.2 will configure, but not compile:
> Eh? is just a SHell script!

Yep. Never had any instruction in shell scripting. I can cut, paste, and 
do a few minor tweaks, but writing a whole new section requires more 
knowledge of shell commands than I have. Sure I can read, but most 
documentation is written for people that know more than 50% of what is 
being described. It would take me several days to use as a 
model to create a script for OpenSP and libxml++

> [snip]
>> At least one other dependency that will be required is libxml++1. I
> EH?  Who depends on libxml-1?  I wouldn't expect that to build on windows,
> but are you sure you need it?

That's libxml++, not libxml. Libofx needs it. (Or at least configure 
fails without it on my mac. I obviously haven't gotten that far on 
windows yet.)

> -derek

David Reiser
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